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Masseflowmåler Coriolis

Masseflowmåler 1/8"- 3"


Foxboro’s Coriolis flow transmitters handle measurements that cause other Coriolis meters to fail. 

They overcome problems associated with entrained gases, empty tube conditions or flash-prone fluids and fully realize the promise of Coriolis measurement to achieve high accuracy, eliminate downtime, avoid workarounds and keep profits flowing. 

CFT51: Coriolis digital flow transmitter

CFS10: Single-path flow system available in sizes 1/8” to 2”

CFS20: Dual-path system available to 3”

CFS25: In-line design available to 2"

NOCT60A: Net Oil Coriolis Transmitter with integrated Realflo® computation software

Custody Transfer Indicators and printers to complete an NTEP certified custody transfer system.



•  Highly accurate mass, density and temperature measurement

•  Unprecedented, precise liquid/gas flow measurement without skips or stalls

•  Fast startup — up to 10 times faster than conventional Coriolis meters

•  Highly accurate batches, starting from empty tube

•  Dual-phase performance, elimination loss due to end-of-batch waste (or "shrink")



•  Power, Chemical, Oil&Gas, Food&Beverage

•  NTEP and Industry Canada certified for custody transfer

•  Fastest response time, ideal for fast batching and filling

•  Start and finish empty tubes conditions for tank loading and unloading

•  Concentration with % solids measurements