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Schneider Electric -Foxboro Buoyancy Displacer Level Transmitters


Scheider Electric-Foxboro Pneumatic Buoyancy Transmitter with Torque Tube for Liquid Level, Interface or Density
Foxboro Accessories for Buoyancy Transmitters  
These intelligent transmitters are designed to measure liquid level, interface or density of liquids. The measurement is based on the Archimedes buoyancy principle. 
Easy remote configuration and supervision with PC or HART Hand terminal. The devices also can be operated conventionally using the local keys. Total I/A Series measurement integration is possible through HART, PROFIBUS or FOUNDATION fieldbus communication. 
The transmitters are approved for use in hazardous areas and SIL applications.
Accessories are required for operation and mounting. See 204xx Accessories for Level Transmitters.

•  Process temperature –196 to +500 °C (–320 to +932 °F)
•  Rugged design with high reliability
•  Reliable interface measurement – also at diffuse interface
•  Electrical Classification Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe acc. to ATEX and FM
•  A wide range of materials allows the optimal adaption to the process.

•  Steam Drum/Boiler Drum
•  Oil/Water Separation
•  Biodiesel production
•  Polyester/Nylon Fiber production
•  Ammonia production
•  High Temperature and High Pressure